Fostering CCI in industrial regions

Fostering CCI in industrial regions


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Today, industrial regions are in general not perceived as thriving and attractive places for CCI. However, locating CCI companies systematically there allows the economic structure to diversify and new regional value chains to develop. Highly promising for regions with transforming industries is as well the dimension of (non-technological) innovation that CCI adds to the existing economic and R&D fabric. Respective challenges are for example: SME in the industrial sector are less used to cooperate with external partners for innovation / CCI usually come into play only at a late stage / public support is still focused on technological innovation. Here you find novel and experimental approaches to how to change that and attract, establish and promote CCI and CCI clusters in traditional industrial regions.

Living Lab

Fostering collaborative

Arts meet technology

“Labor 2025”- Stimulating public discourse through cross-over exhibition”

Growth-hacking boot camp

FYI - For Your Inspiration” - Testing formats for upscaling CCI

"Cross-over Curriculum"

“Clever Game”:
Empowering the next generation

Industrial Hackathon

Testing CCI capacities for tackling industrial challenges

Future creative industries

Fostering collaborative

CCI in Communities

CCI approaches for local needs

CCI Factory

Testing schemes for
linking CCI with industry

CCI Help desks

Boosting CCI with dedicated
support structures

CCI showcase

WerkSchau2021” - Reinforcing CCI clustering through joint presentation.


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