Fostering CCI in industrial regions

Fostering CCI in industrial regions


Organisation of a CCI competency training


  • Preparation

  • Implementation

  • Evaluation

  • Analog versus digital

  • Virtual tools

5. Methods / Tools

In the “InduCCI” project we collected many methods and tools from the regional partners. What methods / tools can you use during the learning journey? Here are some of them considering all steps: preparation, implementation and evaluation.

  • Detailed storyboard for preparation
  • Storyboard for communication from receivers point of view
  • Meetings with speakers on content to make sure there is no information overlap with other speakers and that presented stories complement each other
  • Digital tools: Mural, Zoom, etc.
  • Beamer
  • Whiteboards
  • Moderation box
  • ...

Sustainability of the training

Why does it make sense to do this training not only as one-hit-wonder but as a repetition? Staff positions in administration departments change from time to time. New staff or staff from other departments benefit as well from a second or third training. In repetitive training you can discuss specific topics with a fixed group and not just scratch the surface. You can develop things further and react to current developments in the region. You can face the structural change in your region at eye level and discuss best - practice examples better. Plus, keeping in touch with each other is always advisable. But what do you need to make a repetitive offer of a CCI competency training?

  • A joint evaluation after the first training
  • Find out which parts of the first CCI competency training were especially useful for the region and if there is need for further training at all
  • Fundings! You always need a way to fund your training - make a plan with your organisational team how to face it
  • Sustain connections and emerging collaborations made within the first training
  • New participants for the second training
  • Other topics in the second training or connection topics to the first training
  • Further raise awareness of CCI as drivers in industrial regions


What rhythm is useful for a repetition of the training?

  • This is up to you, from once a year to more than once a year
  • A following training should not be more than one year away in time, better in the next half year after the first training
  • Until then: stay in contact with your participants

Other topics might be:

  • Meet and greet CCI
  • Best practices of successful cooperation between CCI and administration
  • Financial schemes to help CCI
  • Methods from CCI suitable for administration (art thinking, design thinking, video & theater storytelling, creative camps)
  • Visiting new CCI locations / former industrial locations/sites
  • CCI mapping in the region
  • Tourism and CCI
  • New creative festivals
  • Mix match CCI with industrial companies
  • Repetition of same learning journey with a new group
  • Include different parts of administration

Overall goals of a regular offer of a CCI competency training

  • Trust and building up networks of CCI
  • Inform about each other's work
  • Constant cooperations between CCI and administration
  • Development of pull-oriented services for CCI
  • Settlement of CCI in industrial hinterland regions
  • Transparent CCI offers for the city, the community and the region
  • Common projects of CCI and administrations
  • Opening mind among administrative staff for CCI and their value


This toolbox has been created 2022.