Fostering CCI in industrial regions

Fostering CCI in industrial regions


A creative toolbox

Welcome to our E-toolbox. This guide is about how to foster Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) in traditional industrial regions. Regions that have undergone or are currently undergoing a structural change. The toolbox shows practical approaches to copy in your region. See how you can find creatives, implement cool projects like a creative Hackathon or how you can involve the regional administration to support CCI in your region. This toolbox is about helping to shape your industrial region by connecting, fostering & supporting creatives!

About InduCCI

Fosters Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) as a key transformative force for economy and society in non-metropolitan industrial regions. 

#Bringing colours to industrial regions!

Through awareness raising, strategic work and targeted pilot actions, InduCCI increases capacities of both public and private sectors.

#Unleashing Creativity!

InduCCI opens up public administrations towards the specific needs of CCI.

#CCI is the answer!

The general public benefits from additional offers in cultural life and higher societal adaptability to transformation.

#Creating value together!

CCI gain from promotional efforts and an improved environment. Traditional industries link up with CCI and benefit from innovative and creative input.


This toolbox has been created 2022.